TrustChain Android is a native Android app implementing the TU Delft style blockchain, called TrustChain. This app provides an accessible way to understand and to use TrustChain. The app is build as part of a Blockchain Engineering course of the TU Delft. It is meant as a basic building block to experiment with blockchain technology. The app also demonstrates a network overlay for peer to peer communication, and a way to communicate with the chip in the Dutch ID-card/passport. This documentation should get you started in the workings of the app, however for thorough understanding, reading other documentation and looking at the source code is a necessity.

We have tried to make the code clear. However, this app was not build by Android experts so please don’t hold any mistakes or weird structures for Android against us. Instead, please let us know what could be improved, or provide a fix yourself by submitting a pull request on GitHub.